Saturday, March 03, 2007

Brandon on Manhood

Brandon asked me today if I'd cut his hair. He says it's getting long like Kelsie's. I can understand that. He's a boy and he shouldn't have girl hair. But Brandon corrected me:

"I'm not a BOY!" he said.

"Oh? What are you then..." (please don't say a little girl...)

"I'm a MAN!" he bragged.

"You're a man?"

"Yeah! I'm a man!" he confirmed, so pleased that I was starting to understand.

"When did you become a man?" I asked, truly interested.

"When we had the baby, then I'm a man."

There you have it. Having a baby makes a man out of you...and your son.

And so Brandon and I had our first man-to-man talk.

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