Monday, April 07, 2008

The New Status Symbol...

Apparently, having kids is the new way to show off. In spite of the financial odds against her, Pamela Paul at the Washington Post has defiantly declared that she and her husband are going to upgrade their family from REGULAR to DELUXE by having a 3rd child.

Does that make a family of six "super-sized"? How about my family growing up: "Jumbo?"

At any rate, click HERE for an interesting take on the 21st century upper-middle-class family in America. Really interesting perspective from outside my social bubble. Love her thoughts on the "you're not a good parent unless you buy lots of stuff and put your kids in every activity on the planet" culture that makes having a family look like a bad investment.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Adventure is Stalking You

"And it was natural that [she] should imagine that her life would always be the same as it always had been -- indeed, she felt that she could ask for nothing better than for all her days to be alike till she came to the end of them.

"But at the very moment she was thinking these thoughts, adventure ... was stalking her."

-- P. L. Travers