Thursday, June 07, 2007

Music Reviews: MASHUP MANIA!

I love music, and I have my favorites. But even with 25 gigabytes of music archives, I still manage to get bored with it all sometimes. So I started listening to TOP 40 radio again (online radio, anyway), which immediately required cataloging the songs my kids would not ever be allowed to listen to (and I am really starting to sound like my dad!). It didn't take long for me to figure out the up-and-coming top 5 songs, because I got to hear them played at least once-per-hour on virtually any online top 40 station. So guess what. I got bored with top 40 radio, but now that I've listened to it for a couple of weeks straight, I'm good for another 6 months.

Usually, after my mainstream music binges, I withdraw on a quest to find the best music-you've-never-heard. Most recently, I've re-discovered the Mashups scene: for people who don't enjoy a good song. They enjoy 2 (or more) good songs at the same time! Basically, mashup magicians throw a couple of pop (or classic) tracks into a blender to make entirely new musical flavors.

Anyway, here's are a few good ones (hope the links work)

1. Boulevard of Broken Songs (Oasis vs. Green Day)
2. Get This Party Started (Pink vs. ELO)
3. Are You Gonna Be My Animal? (Muppets vs. Jet)


Souza said...

Come on, there's nothing wrong with being a closet Justin Timberlake/Fergie fan.

Don't you want to be Fergilicious? Maybe that should be Walilicious. Or Waltilicious. Maybe Paxtilicious?

Wally said...

Nothin' wrong with being jee-el-ay-em-oh-are-oh-you-ess, but I think the SEXY definitely needs to be *put* BACK in that closet!